What to expect from Hypnosis

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In a clinical sense, hypnosis is the medium from which therapeutic intervention takes place; but what happens next?

If you were asked "what do you expect from therapy," it may sound like a easy question to answer but experience has taught me differently. I often say, "my role as a therapist is toohelp you, the client, to get what you want. In order to fulfill that wish, I have to know what that is; so, what do you want?" Very seldom can a client answer this question. Of course they may answer it but all too often the answer lacks clarity, it lacks understaning. For example, a client may say, "I want to be happy" but when I ask what is happiness; there is a pause and very seldom is there a definitive answer!  My argument is, if you cannot define what you want to yourself; how can you achieve it?

The natural laws of attraction and abundance can only exist, for us, in the presence of clarity of mind and the more clear the better. When your mental understaning correlates with your articulation of that which you want, you have purpose, you have clarity. It is from within this perspective, internal and external, that syncronicity occurs. Syncronicity is the meeting of mind with the forces of the universe. When mind meets the universal elements of life; then you are living!

So, to answer the original question, "what can you expect from therapy" the answer is; whatever you want!

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