What to expect from Hypnosis

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In a clinical sense, hypnosis is the medium from which a therapeutic intervention (hypnotherapy) takes place; but what happens next?

If you were asked "what do you expect from therapy," it may sound like an easy question to answer but experience has taught me differently. I often say, "my role as a therapist is to help you, the client, to get what you want. However, in order to fulfil that wish, I have to know what that is; so, what do you want?" Very seldom can a client answer this question. Of course, they may answer it in the rhetorical sense but all too often the answer lacks clarity, it lacks understanding. For example, a client may say, "I want to be happy" but when I ask what is happiness; there is a pause and very seldom is there a definitive answer!  My argument, is if you cannot define what you want to yourself; how can you achieve it? It is the vagueness and ambiguity that often leads us towards the issues of psychological or mental imbalance.

However, knowing what you really want can be complicated, if only because the way life has been represented in your brain, is predicated in oft false, erroneous, vague and ambiguous sensory stimuli. An example of this could be as simple as looking at your parents. If they were young when you were born, chances are by the time you are 17 or 18 they may have a very big shift in their beliefs, perceptions, attitudes, some of which may be a hangover from their own experience with their parents. The problem for you, assuming there is one, is that their earlier beliefs, behaviours and attitudes could have influenced the way your brain developed. So, simplistically at anywhere between 14 and 18, you are now posed with a mindset that is poles apart from that of your parents. Potentially you now believe what they believed, it's just that they no longer believe it! The problem can get even more complicated because the exact opposite of that is also possible.

The way we learn things when we are young influences the way our brain develops and if there is a lot of highly (negative) emotional aspects to our living experience, that can have the potential for a drastic emotional response to seemingly nonemotional stuff, if only in the eyes of others we engage with, resulting in conflictual relationships and moral and ethical dysfunctionality. Hence why people's reactions to novel experience can occasionally seem so out of place and noncontextual?

So, when preparing for therapy it can be useful to be open-minded and willing to explore the realms of your deeper mind, as well as the possibility that life may just not be the way you actually see it, at least from the inside out? Hypnotherapy has the potential to change the way your brain processes information, information that may have been erroneously encoded when you were much younger. That said, it may not have been erroneous back then because the brain that encoded it was undeveloped, immature and lacking in the intellectual capacity you acquired over the course of your developmental stages. Santa Claus and the tooth fairy are mild examples, when you were a child, you really believed they were real people, imagine if that fantasy transmuted into adulthood? However, in reality, some equally bizarre beliefs really do that, an example being a spider phobia, a belief that most often evolves during childhood and then transmutes into adulthood. All spider phobics, that I have worked with, have awareness, that a spider (in most cases) won't hurt you. They know this logically, intellectually, they just don't know it emotionally! So, in preparation for therapy, be prepared to be Trans4ormed with hypnotherapy, right here in Singapore by Thom Bush, your resident UK trained Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Hypnotist!

Note: The natural laws of attraction and abundance can only exist, for us, in the presence of clarity of mind and the more clear the better. When your mental understanding correlates with your articulation of that which you want, you have a purpose, you have clarity. It is from within this perspective, internal and external, that synchronicity occurs. synchronicity is the meeting of mind with the forces of the universe. When mind meets the universal elements of life; then you are living!

So, to answer the original question, "what can you expect from therapy" the answer; whatever you want!


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