If I Quit Smoking with Hypnosis, Will it Last

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the power of endurance

All things being equal there is no less a reason for it not to last than by any other method, e.g. patches, gum or just plain will power.

However, the thing that really points to the longevity of hypnosis, above all other methods, is the way in which it re-trains the brain to work differently. Once a more empowering and beneficial mindset is developed, there really is no reason or desire to smoke; ever!

The brain and mind work by association and cell/gene expression, merely the result of much internal and external stimuli. Simply a fact, the old emotional/psychological beliefs relating to survival, acceptance and or approval no longer rely on smoking as a support. Because there is no longer any internal or external logic to drive the behaviour; quitting is painless. rewarding and makes us feel good about ourself.

That said, many ex smokers make the mistake of one day accepting a cigarette from a friend or a stranger. Clients often say, I took one and I was hooked again. In reality this is just a one off that was given a powerful self statement. One could equally say that was silly, I won’t do that again!

It’s like those times when you have a day off work and want to go somewhere and mysteriously find yourself driving to the office! Using the same logic, you would be compelled to go straight to work and forget your day off; perhaps even doing the same every time you have a day off. You’re hooked on work; right?. The same illogical rationale applies to smoking. Just accept that it was a mistake and choose to let it go and move on.

Your mind was instrumental starting to smoke and it will be instrumental in quitting. And after that, it's just as likely to be instrumental in maintaining that. Staying smoke free is by choice and backed up by powerful benefits in staying healthy. Smoking is a behaviour where you pay up front and then pay again later!

Make that decision to quit today and I will help you achieve that!