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Thom Bush DHP, CH, EFT, Cert Anxiety Mang't, Cert PLR (past life regression)

I have a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy and have been studying Human Psychology for over 16 years and the field of personal development since 1982. I have a particular fascination and interest in the study of the human brain and mind and how they affect the way we live and experience life! This fascination plays an integral part of my therapeutic approach because in one way or another the brain/mind are the expression of life itself! It is our innate ability to manage these processes that makes life a joy and success a destination!

I have now been in private practice for over 16 years, 9 of those in Singapore, and I currently have over 12500 hours of client therapy experience. My life and work as a therapist in the UK eventually led me to specialise in Anxiety and Stress related disorders and this has become the focus of my work here in Singapore too.

Life is a process of trial, error and experimentation; the perceived failures are, therefore, just as important and the successes. For they give us the essential element of life we call experience. Therapy is the process of effective life management, it's not about changing the past; just finding a more holistic and useful way to express it? The rest of your life is in front of you, learn to enjoy and goal is to help you embrace each day as it unfolds!

In 2007 I completed a Certificate in Past Life Regression, many clients feel that the route of their problem pre-existed this life and many issues can be resolved using PLR. I also completed that year a Certificate in Anxiety Management and now offer focused solutions to manage anxiety-related issues such as:

Panic attacks


Generalised Anxiety

Social anxiety


Social anxiety

Trauma & cumulative trauma


PTSD (post & pre traumatic stress disorder)

Stress and related issues


OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)



Low confidence, self esteem etc.


Professional Memberships, Training & Qualifications






APHP (Association of Professional Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy) more

NRPC (National Register for Psychotherapists & Counsellors) more

AMMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques) more



Certificate Ericksonian Hypnosis My first qualification in Hypnosis, earned from the NLP ACADEMY UK in 2000

Diploma Hypnotherapy-Psychotherapy UK  A 500 Hour Diploma earned from Centre Training International School of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy 2003 - 2004 (Now the Awaken School)

Certified Hypnotherapist USA Awarded by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest  & largest Hypnotherapy  Organisation in the USA. Earned 2006

Certified Anxiety Specialist UK A Certificate in Anxiety Management awarded by the UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts; earned 2008

Certified Regression Therapist UK  A Certificate in Past Life Regression awarded by the UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts; earned 2008

EFT Practitioner EFTTA UK Level 3  A Practitioners Certificate, Level 3, earned from the EFT Training Academy UK earned in 2006

Effective Therapy allows a client to function normally, whilst still experiencing the turbulence that so often encompasses every day life.

Trans4mational Therapy is a style of therapy that I have developed over the last several years. Since there is no one therapy that suits all clients, I discovered a mixed approach to be more effective in allowing clients to integrate the experience of therapy into their everyday life.

My Philosophy: It is our innate ability as humans to ride life's ebb and flow and is what, ultimately, makes it so fascinating. It is, without doubt, the adversity of life that allows us to grow, physically, mentally & spiritually, and reach our higher potential. However, the ability to learn effectively from the adversity of life can be quite a complex and difficult challenge! Read More

My philosophy and life principles are the fundamental are the building blocks that guide me through life’s challenges and strongly underpin my training as a counsellor and therapist, such as:

·       Honesty

·       Integrity

·       Discretion

·       Propriety

·       Love

·       Empathy and Compassion

·       Fairness (to all, including oneself)

·       Conviction

·       Kindness to all living things (mostly without detriment to ones own safety)

·       Care and concern for the planet we occupy, for we must pass it on to the next generation