Hypnotherapy offers real life solutions to ordinary everyday people +++ People who may find it difficult to cope with the everyday pressures of life +++ Paying the bills, working with difficult people, bringing up a family, managing relationships, liking yourself etc. +++ Don't be a victim of life, be a participator of it, take your place in your family, society, Company, NOW +++ To make an appointment for a Free Assessment and discover how my Hypnotherapy service will benefit you_ Call 9186 3575 Today!

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stress management, it’s easier with hypnotherapy.

Are you stressed? If you are, you really need to read this; it could change your life! When we get right down to the meaning of life, we are nothing more than a mass of cells, current estimates, according to The Smithsonian Institute, are 37.2 Trillion of them, that’s like 387,500 round trips to the sun in a Kilometre sense! How well you feel at any given point in time, is, in some way relevant to the health of each cell. How can you make cells healthy then? One way is to effectively and efficiently manage stress, another way, is to increase the presence of inner calm, peace and contentment; want to know more?

How to help someone with depression

Are you looking for depression therapy in Singapore? Thom Bush is a specialist for depression treatment in Singapore!

Overcoming Depression by using Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Has anyone ever said, "pull yourself together?" If only it were that simple. Sometimes depression is just a consequence of life, other times it may have genetic or familial pathways. But it doesn't really matter what the origin is; it still feels the same. Hypnotherapy helps create a better and more natural feeling for life; so please give it a try! 

Managing Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

Would you know if you had an anxiety disorder? It is estimated that approximately 18% of the population is suffering from some form of anxiety disorder, that is a staggering amount! What is even worse than that, is that about two-thirds of all the people who have an anxiety disorder, never get treated for it. This statistic is a sad indictment of the state of the modern world. We live in an age where, generally speaking, people have never had it so good. In fact, we have far more going for us than our forefathers ever did. We have every modern convenience to make life better, better healthcare, better education, better wages, more security, etc. yet we are, seemingly more fearful for the prospects for our future; why is this?

Low Self Confidence? Try Hypnosis

Really creative ways to build confidence; just for You

Deep within us is a Giant just waiting to be set free - Trans4mational Therapy brings out that Confident self. When I say "Giant" we're not talking about some super human, merely the very best version of yourself. We each have unique features but the lack of confidence won't allow them through; hypnosis makes it happen; really!

Therapeutic options and Practice Information

Life should really be a joy but in today's modern world, when every day we are bombarded with bad news, airline crashes, wars, natural disasters, human tragedy etc. it is sometimes all to easy to take your eye off the real purpose of your life! Hypnotherapy seeks to help you be mindful of the importance of world affairs, the need for compassion, love and caring. Yet, at the same time stay focused on what is important to you, your family, society, country; in essence, to become a citizen of the world you live in. We can no longer be innocent bystanders in our global community; we all have a duty to play our part. Hypnotherapy helps you do JUST THAT. And that, ability comes from experience! My experience in life and as a therapist, has been in dealing with and helping people who have extreme emotional difficulty; be it stress, anxiety or depression. Over the years I have also gained experience in many other areas of human emotional conflict. Below are are some links that you may find useful in understanding and preparing for therapy, as well as some of the conditions I have helped clients with over the years

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