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Life should really be a joy but in today's modern world, when every day we are bombarded with bad news, airline disatsers, wars, natural disasters, human tragedy etc. it is sometimes all to easy to take your eye off the real purpose of your life! Hypnotherapy seeks to help you be mindful of the importance of world affairs, the need for compassion, love and caring. Yet, at the same time stay focused on what is important to you, your family, society, country; in essence, to become a citizen of the world you live in. We can no longer be innocent bystanders in our global community; we all have a duty to play our part. Hypnotherapy helps you do JUST THAT. Anf that, ability comes from experience! My experience in life and as a therapist, has been in dealing with and helping people who have extreme emotional difficulty; be it sress, anxiety or depression. Over the years I have also gained experience in many other areas of human emotional conflict, here is a list of some of the issues I have helped clients with over the years

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