How decisive are you, the lights are on but are you home?
on 10 December 2014

Everyday we make decisions, but are you really making the decision or just making a choice determined by someone else? Watch the talk by Dan Arley (Ted Talks) - Ted Talks - listen now to how affected you can be by other peoples limiting choice options!

It seems that we really can be influenced based on preconceived ideas, most of which are determined by our brain, in that even after you know why you are wrong; you still can't see it! The way a question or choice is posed can influence the choices we make and even though we feel we have made a good decision; we may have been duped. The same rationale applies to professionals, professionals who should make better decisions based on the needs of their client or patient. Despite that, they too can be duped! The upside can be by pausing and reflecting on what the real choice you are to make; it is possible and you can do it!

This talk is a fantastic demonstration of how we can be influenced, even by those who we think have our best interests at heart. Although not specifically about hypnosis or hypnotherapy, there are direct links to the phenomena of hypnosis becasue of the way it can influence our minds and thus behaviour. Many clients have real life issues that are holding them back in life and for all we know, these may just have been at the influence of other people. Other people whose real intention may have been ostensibly for our good, like parents or teachers who pass on information, some of it genetic familial traditions, superstitions or sage advice; often based on nothing other than prejudices within their culture or society. Hypnotherapy aims to release this irrational and dysfunctional thinking. It does so by the use of suggestion and active mind management, essentially influencing the mind in a way that is more supportive of your individual needs.

The real message here is, your mind is capable of being influenced, covertly or otherwise, but in a way that alludes to you have real choice, albeit the choice lays more in the outcome another person wants. For more information about my Hypnotherapy practice in Singapore, check out the free Consultation here