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on 25 September 2014

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Every once in a while a real Gem appears about the efficacy of Hypnosis. In this particular article about IBS - (http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/mpapps/pagetools/print/news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/8572818.stm?ad=1) - 

The BBC report on the findings of a top Dr. in gastroenterology; Dr. Roland Valori of the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital in the UK.

Dr. Valori has been referring patients for almost 20 years and claims the success rate in patients with IBS using Hypnotherapy is in the region of 90%. IBS is a strange condition and it is beleived that there is an interuption in the signals between the brain and the intestine. Hypnosis is one of the most effective methods of brain communication. And, very often our internal and external communication determines our life's outcomes.

Over the yearsI have had great success with many clients, with a vast array of different physical and mental/emotional problems, including IBS, and as best as I can tell the only thing I have ever changed is the way a person thinks. As I am not a Dr. I cannot medicate or operate on them; well at least not in a physical sense. However, I guess I must be operating at some level?

I know, without doubt, that I help people to operate differently on a daily basis. This occurs when a person no longer holds on to limiting beliefs. Or, when they learn how to let go of their anger, frustration, or that mental burden that they have held on to for so long. And when they learn to forgive others (including themselves), who have hurt, abused, cheated or disadvantaged them in some way.

The more I work in the field of Human Psychology the more I am convinced that LOVE (or the lack of it, to be precise), is the ingredient which most affects a person's ability to live life effectively. As sentient beings we need connection with others and no other form of connection is as powerful as LOVE!  We will go to extraordinary lengths to be loved, and people have been known to die or kill for it. Some live a life of lack without it and never reach their full potential!

I have come to believe that it is not so much how a person is punished in life (mostly by their parents), but how much they have been loved by them, that makes the difference. In my experience with most people, but certainly not all, who present for therapy there is a perception of a lack of love. I say perception for a very specific reason, which is, that often we do not know how another person loves us. We all have different ways of showing love and receiving love and some people do love others; but just don't know how to show it!

The most profound Love we will ever experience is self Love, when we Love ourself we feel connected in the fullest sense of the word. But some think it is selfish or vain to Love yourself. Yet, if you Love yourself, your whole experience of Loving others is enhanced. Love, as an emotion, has very beneficial effects on our whole system; that's why it feels so good to be IN LOVE?

So, by truly Loving ourself we bathe ourselves in some of the most beneficial health/life preserving chemicals that our Brain can producee. We are more resistant to sickness and disease and we live a more fulfilling life, we are happier for longer, we see life in a different way. Of course we still experience the turbulence of life's ebb and flow; but the impact  of its effect is easier to overcome.

The three most essential steps to lovng ourself are Acceptance, Forgiveness and Love!

 To find out how to bring these into your life, why not give me a call on +65 9186 3575