by Thom Bush
on 21 October 2014

Over the past couple of years I have begun developing a series of hypnotic recordings, especially designed for night time listening. In a FB post (20 September 2014), it demonstrated the brain's ability to process words whilst asleep. The rationale being; you cannot disengage hearing. If you hear it, the brain processes it!

This latest study shows: that mental rest and reflection can enhance learning.

by Thom Bush
on 20 October 2014

Imagine not being able to walk, then one day, the miracle of science, the dedication of people to help others, finds a way; how marvelous is that? It seems that once science breaks one barrier down it opens up another,

I hope you find this story both interesting and inspiring as it brings us one day closer to the day when all illness will be curable and everybody dies of nothing!

by Thom Bush
on 19 October 2014

In a world first, French surgeon performs throat surgery while patient sings under hypnosis. A delicate operation was performed while the patient was awake and singing during the operation. The reason the surgeon used hypnosis was because the patient is a professional singer and he wanted to make sure that he avoided vital vocal chords used for singing!

See this very informative YouTube video for more detail

by Thom Bush
on 18 October 2014

Although the essence of this story focuses on faith and no one can really dispute that. The greater story is the power of the mind, it's ability to transcend the impossible, to defy logic and to discard the relevance of history, e.g. what has happened to others in similar situations! The power of the positive words, as part of the delieverance of faith, most likely became the catalyst that caused this miracle! It is my belief that faith is a consequnce of our innate ability to activate the healing power of the mind; a gift from the creator! Everything we will ever need was given to us at birth; all we have to do is connect to that deeper part of ourself!

by Thom Bush
on 15 October 2014

The amazing recovery of Rachel Barenzinsky, against all odds, continues to evolve as she regains more of her past self. Dr's put her chances of survival, from this type of gunshot wound, at around 1%. Rachel 99% did not agree with them and miraculously survived.