Searching For The Best


But How Do You Define 'The Best?'

Who Is The Best?

Wouldn't it be good to know but can you truly trust every person or organisation making such a profound statement? While there are several hypnotherapy practices here making such claims, I very much doubt, mathematically speaking, that they can all be No 1 or any derivative of that. However, if perchance, what they say is true, then they will very likely have the evidence to prove it; wouldn't they?

Hypnotherapy, as well as many other therapies, is, by its very nature, an altruistic vocation, one predicated on the highest of ethical standards. The principle tenet of which is, guiding clients to take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and/or behaviours. Doesn't that, in and of itself, dictate that the therapist must also live up to this basic tenet? Yes, I believe it does and it is the guiding principle of my life and practice, check that out here!

The Need For Honesty And Integrity

My claim to fame is to be one of the oldest and most experienced Clinical Hypnotherapists in Singapore and that much, I can prove!

In the UK, where I come from, the ethical standard of the Governing Bodies (for the purpose of marketing), is, if you can't prove it, don't say it! And it is for that reason that this page exists because here, in Singapore there are many hypnotherapists claiming to be "The Best (or one of them), No. 1 or The Leading Centre .  .  ." etc. But how do you prove you are the best (or one of them) in an industry that is predicated on confidentiality? Not only that, there is very little, by way of intermingling, among the many hypnotherapists here in Singapore anyway. And even if there were such intermingling, how could they conclude the efficacy of their practice, in what is an exclusively subjective client experience?

So, considering that, how do they come to the conclusion that they are the best? Their argument might be, well, it's a little bit of literary licence, not to be taken too seriously. Nevertheless, there is a reasonable chance that it will be taken seriously by the potential client reading their claims, after all, we all want the best; don't we? Of course, if they were selling second-hand cars or fake or pirated goods you'd probably take it with a pinch of salt. But they're not, their target market is among the very people who are vulnerable and that's why the UK advertising standards were set! Seemingly that does not appear to apply here, at least not the last time I enquired about it!

Anyway, what does the "The Best, No. 1, The Leading Centre" actually mean, best by what measure? Is it by the number of clients they see, the hours they work or how much their fees are, or is it the number of successful treatments they claim to have achieved? Obviously not, because none of this can be quantified, let alone proven. So, clearly, if it can't be proven, then it should not be stated! Why you may ask? Well for one, if someone says something they cannot prove, how does that stack up against their self-claimed standards of integrity, honesty, trustworthiness etc.? Also if they would distort the truth or set out to deceive on something as important as that, what else would they inauthentically lay claim to?

The motivation to write this article is empirically based but also because, of late, there have been a plethora of websites purporting to give you the selection of the 'Best' Options for many services, in particular, 'The Best Hypnotherapy In Singapore.' While it serves as another platform to get noticed, it may lack integrity because I have never been contacted for any input as to what they say about me (what they do say is mostly on my website). As stated they seemingly crawl sites and take information from them but what if that information is incorrect or worse, not true? And while the list states that the clinics are listed "in no particular order," some choose to ignore this fact!

So, the next time you feel inclined to enquire about someone in this profession, based on what they claim, remember to ask them to provide proof!
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