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Do you ever get the feeling that life could or should be better? Well, it most definitely could be better and Trans4mational Therapy will help you to make that a reality! Thom Bush, born in London England, a UK trained Hypnotist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Over many years, he has developed a unique mind based style of hypnotherapy, this style is synonymous with the way our brain and mind develops and works. In that sense, he uses a method of subconscious language that communicates at a deeper level of mind, in a state we know as hypnosis. It is a method that is specifically designed to help you discover personal solutions that will greatly improve the quality and feel of your everyday life. Hypnosis, like life, is a feeling experience and so, to understand it better, one must feel it! That is why Thom provides a 1hour Free Consultation, where you can experience the essence of his method and style and also discover hypnosis; feeling is believing! For more information about the Free Consultation, click here.

For you, this is important because we live in a world that sometimes feels like everything is spinning out of control and this is most often a consequence of how our young mind encoded observation and experience into life strategies. so it is nice to know that deep within our mind, exists a place where we can discover the peace and quiet that holds the key to our life's solutions, for it is within this peaceful place that you find your purpose! Trans4mational Therapy's tailored hypnotic solutions will gently take you to that place! And Thom, who has been in private practice for over 19 years now and has over 17,900 hours of clinical experience, will guide and mentor you all the way! So, it is because of that, you can now make an appointment, with confidence for his Free Consultation.

On the other hand, if you want to find out more about my hypnotherapy and How It Can Help You, why not visit the links below, where you can get some insight and information into who I am, what I do and how I do it! And if you can't find the answer to your questions there, then please feel free to give me a call +65 9186 3575? Apart from the information on this page, you can discover a list of the 100's of pages on this website here: Trans4mational Therapy - sitemap

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Thom Bush, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy in Singapore and Beyond

Helping People All Over The World Find Peace of Mind!

Thom has been in private practice for over 19 years, 12 in Singapore and currently has over 18,200 hours of clinical experience, during which time, he has helped thousands of clients to lead a better life; so why not YOU? While treating an array of emotional and psychological conditions, Thom specialises in helping clients with conditions, such as anxiety or panic disorders, stress-related issues, depression (major depressive disorder), as well as low confidence and self-esteem. To know more about the other conditions hypnotherapy can help, just click the "more info" button (Conditions Hypnotherapy helps) above.

If you are looking for hypnotherapy in Singapore (or worldwide via Skype), Trans4mational Therapy Centre is the place to go!

Making your free initial appointment, to see one of Singapore's oldest and most experienced Clinical Hypnotherapists could not be easier; so, go ahead and make your appointment today?     

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How do you choose the right therapist?

In the UK, the guiding principle of my profession is: "if you can't prove it, don't say it" and even though I am no longer in the UK, I still hold myself accountable to that principle! So, to that end, I make no bold, misleading or unprovable claims. Whether it's claiming to be the "No1 Hypnotherapist" or "The leading hypnotherapy centre in Singapore," or something else of that ilk, I just believe in good old fashioned honesty and integrity! 

In that vein, I am happy to leave any comments regarding the quality and efficacy of my service to my past clientsthe best judges of my service. That said, I am happy to say that I have consistently been the top-rated Hypnotherapist in Singapore; this is according to WhatClinic; check that out here! -Trans4mational Therapy, it does what it says on the tin!

Claim your Free Consultation by clicking the button below. Thom Bush, Singapore's Top Rated Clinical Hypnotherapist. You have nothing to lose; except the Problem?


Quality Assured Practice


Ethical values and sound morals are of the utmost importance in one's everyday life and, perhaps, even more so when one is working with others who place their trust in them! It is, precisely, because of this, that ethical practice is of paramount importance in any type of therapeutic intervention. And consequently, it is the cornerstone of my clinical hypnotherapy practice here in Singapore. Of course, having a desire to create cognitive acuity, it is imperative that my level of congruity must align with my life's principles.  And because of that, my life's vision and mission statements really must be on the same page! In order to walk the talk; I have to be the talk! To that end, my life's philosophy is, "say what you mean, mean what you say!" As well as that, we must align ourselves, mentally and spiritually with our clients' needs and desires, that is the birthplace of empathy and compassion. To view the Code of Ethics I am bound to click here:


To be proficient as a therapist, being honest, empathic and kind are worthy aspirations. But real life experience and good training, are also essential. For it is often from our mistakes that life is made good! Especially because it is these moments of life that help to instil both competence and professionalism. So it should be no surprise that my own life experience is what ultimately shaped the way I apply the training I have received! That much is borne out in the many testimonials I receive from past clients 

Perhaps one of the most important qualities of a therapist is empathy; but how do you teach that? The empathy that is seemingly apparent to each client I see, was gained over many years and, for the most part, was a result of my own life's trials and tribulations. I have woven that life experience into my work ethic and empathy is now a natural fabric of my therapeutic ideology and that's a promise! To experience my therapeutic approach first hand, why not try my Free Consultation, you have nothing to lose; except, of course; the Problem!

Training & Qualifications

Diploma Hypno-Psychotherapy, Certified Hypnotist, EFT Practitioner, Level 3, Cert' Anxiety Mang't. Cert' PLR.

Clarity of mind and thought are central to a good emotional life. It is because of that, that part of my work focuses on the quality of the language each client uses; both internal and external. The quality of one's language is defined by its proclivity, our learned habitual tendency, towards negativity, vagueness and/or wrong context. In a general sense, when language is well formed, precise and positive, one's emotional experience of life is usually better too!

For myself, I feel my most valuable qualification is my life experience. I started my own journey through therapy in 1993. and have experienced the full force of life's lessons, it gives one a valuable platform from which to help others! Additionally, I ran my own furniture manufacturing business for over 21 years and of all the things I learned, the most powerful was how enduring we humans are in the face of adversity.

Sometimes all we lack is the ability to discover that resource which lies within each of us. This, I believe, is where therapy can help. The art of hypnotherapy is in helping the client access those inner resources which enable them to overcome the most extreme difficulty.  My job as a therapist, therefore, is to use my training and life experience to assist the client to bring about the process of healing, be it physical, emotional or mental, in which profound change can happen.


Surin Lee

When you know what you want, you get what you want!

Hi Thom, how are you? Surin Lee here, It’s been a while.

I just wanted to let you know that I manifested my dream to move to Los Angeles! Thank YOU. I got a transfer to LA via my work. Listening to your recording and voice before I sleep and dreaming about LA must have contributed. Your voice and advice really gave me clarity to know what I wanted and, like you said, it happened! Hope all is well with you and family. We fly out tonight. Sending you love and good thoughts. Happy holidays.

Surin Lee