Hypnotherapy for the Treatment of Depression in Singapore - Why info is important

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Taking an informed view:
As I have said, depression is a treatable condition although mostly, these days, it is treated with medication, sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't. However, many people look for treatments that don't involve medication, e.g. homoeopathic treatments, using natural products like herbs or plant extracts etc. Or maybe something that doesn't involve taking any products or medication, like psychotherapy or seeing a psychologist. The facts are, that every one of these treatments, has had its successes but we have to see the pros and cons. The one common downside of all these alternatives (side effects excluded), is they usually take quite a long time to work. There is, however, one exception to this time factor anomaly in the treatment of depression, which I mentioned above, and that is hypnotherapy.

Once again I mention, that over the years I have had many successful outcomes for clients with depressive type illnesses. And while it shouldn't surprise me, it always does, when a client says, "I've tried everything else, hypnotherapy is my last hope." I often reflect and think, if only they knew, that hypnotherapy should have been their first choice, not their last hope! This by no means attempts to demean or devalue the very good work of the above-mentioned methods. After all, they all trained extensively and have a belief in what they do, some with empirical proof of the efficacy of their treatment regime. But having had many clients who have been successfully treated, some in weeks, I am convinced hypnotherapy is one of the fastest and most effective methods. And, other than a happier life, there are no known unpleasant side effects with hypnosis!

So, when I treat a client for depression in my Singapore clinic, I get as full and proper an understanding of their condition before we start. This includes its duration, intensity, how it affects their life, as well as that of those around them, e.g. loved ones, colleagues, friends etc. And to make their choice of a therapist as easy as possible, I provide a 1-hour free consultation. During which, we touch on the nature, course and progression of the condition as well as a demonstration of hypnosis. After all, to fully understand what hypnosis is, what it feels like etc. you actually need to experience it. From there, assuming you enjoyed the experience and derived some insight into its inner workings, you will feel more confident in moving forward into treatment proper.

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