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Hypnotherapy, what is it, how it helps?
People often look for hypnotherapy to help them overcome a problem they are experiencing and that is a good thing. It’s good because hypnotherapy is very effective at helping people resolve some of life’s most challenging issues. It could be a problem at work or home, difficult relationships or personal issues like low self-esteem or low confidence? Sometimes life is generally good but when we have to make a presentation or speak in public or book a flight, the wheels fall off the trolly! It could even be an unwanted habit like, nail-biting, grinding teeth, procrastination, or an addiction, like smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc. No matter what the problem is, hypnotherapy can very likely help you overcome it! In addition to the perceived problem, it is highly likely that it will be accompanied by some anxiety and stress! Left untreated, individual or comorbid conditions can become a life-limiting issue and that is not a good thing! With or without any of the above conditions, one of the more serious conditions that hypnotherapy may help you with, is an episode of major depressive disorder? The sooner you reach out, the sooner life can get better . . .

The treatment of anxiety or stress is a primary point of focus in my approach to therapy, even if it is not the actual reason you are seeking therapy! The reason for this is simple, the existence of either indicates the presence of the body's defensive mechanism, fight or flight. And under such conditions, the brain will not function at the optimal levels that allow for effective interventions. Now it's not to say that other methods don't work, it's saying that with hypnosis, it works more quickly, more efficaciously!

If the above conditions remind you of your life and you're looking for solutions, then Trans4mational Therapy Centre, likely has the answer you are looking for? The centre's Clinical Hypno-Psychotherapist, Thom Bush,  was trained and qualified in the UK before moving to Singapore in 2007. He has been in private practice for 20 years (13 in Singapore) and currently has 20,000 hours of clinical experience! During that time he has helped thousands of people improve the quality and feel of their life! This is important because life is basically a feeling experience and a life of quality should feel good! Thom spends most of his time helping people with conditions like anxiety, stress and depression but he also treats many other conditions and you can check those out here! Naturally, Thom's past clients' have plenty of encouraging things to say about his hypnotherapy services. Why not take a look at what they say here?

Thom Bush, Clinical Hypnotherapist
One's past is akin to looking through a window of time itself and who we are is far more than just one thing. Consequently, it's a combination of many things, some genetic but most through environmental and life experience. So, who is Thom, where did he come from, how did he became a therapist etc? He was born and raised in London, England (UK) a few years after WWII, a world so far removed from where we are today! Never satisfied with simplistic or nonresponses to questions, Thom struggled working for others, so at 22, he became self-employed and 48 years later, still is. A few years later, he started his own furniture manufacturing business employing around 20 people. He spent the next 20 plus years building his business but it came at a cost! Running the business was a constant source of unremitting anxiety and stress and along the way, he also had a few bouts of depression! The intensity and duration of the anxiety and stress he experienced, eventually led him to seek therapy! Having tried several types of therapy, he found hypnotherapy to be the most effective. Hypnotherapy had a very positive impact on his life and unwittingly was the start of a new career. In that sense, he came to therapy, through therapy and this experience shaped his life philosophy: say what you mean and mean what you say!

In 1998 Thom sold his business and later trained to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist, he has a 500-hour Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. In recognition of his Diploma, he was later awarded the prestigious National Guild of Hypnotists (USA), Certificate in Hypnotherapy (2006). He later went on to obtain a Certificate in Anxiety Management, Past Life regression and Level 3 Practitioner Certificate in EFT (emotional freedom techniques). In addition to his extensive hypnotherapy training, Thom has studied the human brain for over 18 years now. And he seamlessly weaves his discoveries about the brain, into his delivery of the therapeutic process of hypnosis. This is of importance to you because of the unique way that each individual's brain works. The way your brain is wired by life is primarily responsible for the development of any issues you may face in life. Therefore, Thom's style and experience are responsible for bringing about a sound, brain-based, therapeutic solution to real-life issues!

The foundation of Style
Thom's experience created beliefs that eventually led to the realisation that his brain-based style of hypnotherapy was very different from that of most mainstream hypnotists. It was through that realisation that Trans4mational Therapy (formerly Hypnolinguistics) was born! His style of hypnosis works synchronously, in much the same way that our brain does. And for the past several years, he has been honing and polishing these skills right here in Singapore. Apart from this page, you can also find lots of articles and blogs that highlight the key findings of his research. You can see the full list on the site map, right here!

Because Thom's style is different from his peers, he is aptly able to explain and demonstrate the difference during the free consultation. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , if you have any questions ahead of making an appointment!

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What, Why, When, How and Who to Choose?

The type or style of therapy that is right for you can be mysterious and, consequentially, is really about choices! But how do you make the right choice, to begin with?

If you are not quite sure which therapist to choose? Or if hypnotherapy is even the right way to go anyhow,! Then I suggest you take a look over here? You will discover how and why emotional issues develop and how to choose the right therapist for you? My aim is to provide you with enough information to help you make that right choice!

Thom Bush, Singapore's Top Rated Clinical Hypnotherapist. You may have nothing to lose; except the Problem?

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Why difference matters!
Like many hypnotherapists, Thom was trained in conventional ways and initially intended to follow those conventional norms; why wouldn't he? However, as he found his feet, he discovered that so much of who we are and what we do stands streets apart from those so-called norms! The research he'd already done, somehow evolved into a study of the brain! But then fate played its part when someone he knew suffered a traumatic brain injury. This resulted in a temporary but complete change in the way they functioned. Changes were noticeable at all levels, behaviour, language, logic, personality and character. Essentially, they briefly became another person. Aspects of memory, behaviour and language structure were all altered in an observable way! It was the realisation that physical changes to the brain, not the subconscious mind, were responsible for this dynamic and noticeable shift in functionality! So, empirically, he discovered, if you change the brain, then have the potential to change everything! This triggered a passion that has never faded. Thom continues his research to discover the inner workings of the brain and, what we term, the mind!

The rationale was, there had to be ways to relate our life experience to the unique way our individual brain's function. As his study of the brain function evolved, it became apparent that it also explained what hypnosis actually is and how it works! What he has discovered, surprisingly, is also streets apart from the very norms he was initially taught. Subsequently, this is why his style is very different! Hypnosis is not, as many hypnotherapists say, something that taps into the subconscious mind. It is actually something that works at a much deeper level than that! If you want to read more about hypnosis, you can read what he discovered right here!

So, what is hypnosis?
The subconscious mind, as a concept, is a useful way of describing things that we do or do not know are happening, yet have little understanding of why. However, if only hypothetically, our subconscious is often seemingly at loggerheads with our conscious perception of self. Despite that, many hypnotherapists say that hypnosis communicates with the subconscious mind, I disagree with this for multiple reasons:

1. The subconscious is akin to the communication system, i.e. a series of networks, cables and switches etc. (axons and dendrites) that transmit the communications. It is not a real anatomical structure.
2. Consequently, I believe that hypnosis communicates with the brain, via the auditory cortices, through what we call the subconscious mind.
3. Hypnosis is a process facilitated by the transmitter (the hypnotist) and the receiver, (the client's brain) that alters the expression of brain stored memory systems. Consciousness is, therefore, merely the transmitted means by which we know change has occurred. 
4. Therefore, the effect of hypnosis is a consequence of changes within the brain itself, not the mind; subconscious or otherwise!

Another oft-told, description of hypnosis, is that it's a state of deep relaxation and while relaxation is often experienced during hypnosis, that is not what it is! Relaxation is simply a collateral effect of hypnosis in the same ways it is true of sleep but sleep is much more than mere relaxation!

Others say you have to find the root of the problem, presumably in the past. Some say you can ignore the past and just focus on the future! In fact, they are both correct, at least some of the time; just not all of it! That’s simply because we are all different and what works for one, may not work for another? Also, each individual's experience of hypnosis plays a significant part in how it works for them. This is something you will discover for yourself during my Free Consultation. To discover more about the Free Consultation, click here.

So, with a difference in style and approach, there was just one final thing that stands out as being manifestly different! That is the 60-minute timeframe in which most therapy is delivered. Thom's sessions are at least 50% longer than most of his peers! This is simply because emotional, mental and psychological issues do not always fit nicely into pre-prescribed 60-minute time slots! Basically, if you are different, then Thom is the difference you need! What's more, he'll be there all the way along your journey! Many of the testimonials, from past clients, attest to the quality of Thom's service. Read them here! In addition to the testimony of Thom's past clients, he has consistently been the top-rated Hypnotherapist at WhatClinic, check it out here!

Trans4mational Therapy's tailored hypnotic solutions will gently guide you to a special place! And Thom will be there all the way to mentor you. And you don't have to take his word for it either because you can try out his service totally free! That simply means you can make an appointment, with confidence, for a Free 1-hour Consultation right here! So, all you really have to lose, is, the problem?

Or, if you want to discover more about his tailored hypnotherapy solutions and how they'll help you, please visit the links above? This is where you can discover some useful insight and information into who Thom is, what he does and how he does it! And if you can't find the answer to your questions there, then please feel free to email Thom. You can do so from here or give him a call on +65 9186 3575 for a truly personal service experience?