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While hypnosis is a related phenomenon to the natural states of sleep, we all experience it in our own unique way! In some sense. it's just like running. If you picked ten people randomly for a 50-metre sprint, one will come first (gold medal), another last and the others somewhere in between! It's the same with hypnosis, although there's no gold medal as such, there are very often excellent benefits . . . And while there are financial costs in receiving the benefits of hypnosis, that often pails in significance to the emotional cost of living with a life-limiting condition? And for suitable clients, Rapid Session Therapy is usually much quicker (less session time) than the more regular type of hypnosis!

So, Rapid Session Therapy is especially for the client who is the equivalent of those who come first, maybe even second in the 50-metre dash!! This doesn't necessarily mean anything in particular, nor does imply anything special about this type of client, it just means they respond exceptionally well to hypnosis! Stage hypnotists look for these types for their show. However, there really aren't that many of them about, so there will always be some good actors in the audience to take up the slack. However, let's draw a distinction between stage hypnotism and clinical hypnotherapy; one is done for a laugh and the other for anything but a laugh! The takeaway here is, if you are one of these types (a somnambulist) it's a quicker form of treatment, as in, a Rapid Transformation. If you're not, then there are other alternatives, that are equally effective. Whichever, type you are, I will help you get where you need to be, the time factor is the only key!

By way of further explanation. Rapid Session Therapy, is the application of an advanced style of Hypnotherapy (a single modality therapy as opposed to my multi-modality Trans4mational Therapy). And despite what any therapist may tell you, hypnosis does not work for everyone. However. it does work well for most people and most issues, but it works exceptionally well for certain types and certain issues! The type of person it works well for depends on many things, but has nothing to do with personal attributes. It has nothing to do with what you do for a living. It matters not whether you have a degree or not. Neither does it matter if you're an entrepreneur, manual or office worker, employed or unemployed old or young, male or female. It is simply relative to how you naturally and subconsciously process your internal experience of life - Trying is knowing!

But you may ask, what is hypnosis and the answer is not as straightforward as many suggest. Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon and somewhat similar to common forms of trance that are experienced every day. The most common form of everyday trance that we are aware of, is that of daydreaming! However, hypnosis is a slightly different form of trance, one that occurs while we are in certain brainwave states, akin to those we experience during sleep. In fact, we go in and out of transitory hypnotic states going into sleep (hypnagogic) and out of sleep (hypnopompic). These states are not specifically hypnotic but rather, transitory experiences, somewhat associated with sleep states. In some sense, preparing to enter and recover. from certain neurological states of being. Hypnotherapy is where the professional hypnotist facilitates this natural state voluntarily! Because of the way this natural state is facilitated, it eventually makes a difference to your life, therapeutically speaking, it is a difference that makes the difference! Once in the hypnotist's chair, you will be guided to a deeper level of trance than you could likely achieve on your own. And for the type of client that responds well to Rapid Session Therapy, they just go more deeply; more quickly!

The purpose of the FREE Consultation is to discover which type of Therapy will work best for you, i.e. conventional Trans4mational Therapy, or Rapid Session Therapy!

So, how will you know which you think is better for you? The type of person that responds exceptionally well to Hypnotherapy, will just know that Rapid Session Therapy is the right one to go for. However, it is not an exclusively elective therapy, it is based on how much of a WOW factor you experience!

During the Consultation, apart from taking a brief history of your life, I will demonstrate hypnosis. It is purely from this demonstration, that you will discover if Rapid Session Therapy is the right type of therapy for YOU!

Rapid Session Therapy is competitively priced, so that those who are most suitable for it, will benefit greatly from it.

However, for those more suited to Trans4mational Therapy; it is still very competitively priced compared to other therapists in this field! That just makes it a Win-Win situation for YOU; either way.

Rapid Session Therapy is the best value Therapy in Singapore (and it's effective too)!


However, the decision of which Therapy to use is based on the client's ability to experience Hypnosis; not the lower cost!


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