Customizing hypnotherapy treatment, just for you

The cogs that make life work

Hypnosis is a medium from within which a therapeutic intervention is delivered straight to your subconscious neural thought processes. What does that mean? It simply means that the forces that direct your life are processed before you have a conscious awareness of them. That's right, everything you think, say or do has already been processed by your brain before you take any action! How your subconscious does that is through what we know as memory (although not necessarily in the same context of remembering). Everything you do is, in some way, reflective of a past memory. Memories can be experienced in various forms, a simplistic model could be enjoyable - neutral - unenjoyable and I am sure in your life you will have had good, bad an neutral (no emotion aroused) memories? Good and bad memories elicit feelings equal in significance of the effect of the memory.

What brings clients to seek therapy is predominantly bad memories of a past experience and very often these memories are exacerbated over time and subsequent experience. The mind can take a relatively uneventful occurrence and make it much worse over time. Jealousy may be a good example, where some past experience (maybe that of the self or a parent etc.) makes one think that their current love object will be unfaithful. This jealous feeling often happens in the absence of any real proof! As long as it is believed by the mind; it's as real as if it actually happened.

Fortunately for clients seeking healing, the brain is a very malleable organ and it changes progressively according the extent that a client's belief systems are enhanced. Essentially, at the heart of all talk therapies, is the process of thought enhancement. By changing the way a person thinks, a set of correlative actions are set in motion, which, if positive in nature, will create s system of positive feedback loops. The effect of this in neural terms is, one positive thought spawns another. In the very same way search engines, cookies and scripts etc. monitor what you have previously done or looked at in order to improve your forward internet experience. For advertising purposes they produce a series of relative positive feedback loops (albeit this may be an annoyance to you). The essence of what they are trying to accomplish is an experience they think you want. This is exactly what your brain and minds are attempting to do at any given point in time. If your past experience of life is a bad one, the brain/mind will frequently enter protection mode and often as a consequence initialize the fight or flight response. Very often this brings with it a whole series of unwanted and inappropriate behaviours and or responses. These responses equate to your experience of life and what brings you to seek therapy!

What has this to do with customizing a therapy treatment for you? Well, in the brain, one way or another, everything is connected and because of that your forward experience of life will be somewhat reflective of past experience. If the way you have dealt with a bad past has kept you alive, essentially it has achieved its objective. Your brain/mind defence system cares little about quality of life, its objective is survival; i.e. how you survive, not how you thrive! However, at the heart of humanness is a desire to thrive, to get better, bigger, faster, stronger etc. What prevents us from achieving this good experience of life is the way memories express themselves. The more intense the feelings, the more entrenched the defences become. Fortunately memories are as malleable as the brain itself and that is what I seek to achieve with each client. In order to do that I listen to your story, I look for threads of memory, negative linguistic references, facial expression in response to words, pictures, memories etc. (negative and positive). In essence an indicative understanding of the neural processing behind your experiences of life.

From there I develop an hypnotic prescription (pills in the form of words would be a good description of what I mean). This is delivered in the form of a script, a functional narrative, whilst you are in state of trance. The theme of this prescription is repeated and updated (with progress made) during the period of your course of treatment. Over that period, and that which follows, the brain physically changes, this happens with the addition of new neurons neurogenesis and new synaptic connections, neuroplasticity. This happens the very same way your brain changes after you learn a skill, say driving, your brain is no longer the same brain, it is an enhanced form of brain with greater functionality in a specific area. Now, just for a moment think about how driving (or similar skill) has changed the way you think? The very same processes are at hand with therapy.

So once you have experienced life from a different neural perspective, you will begin to subconsciously believe what you experience as being either achievable or accomplished. Dreams offer us a perfect example of what I mean here. If you have ever had a dream of falling, you will know that it felt very real but was in fact total fantasy. It felt real because your brain believed you were falling. In hypnosis the very same process is at work. If what you want to achieve is experienced, then it is felt, if it is felt then in some sense it is a reality. That is why hypnosis works so effectively!

Like all things in life, trying is believing; that is why I offer a full one hour Free Consultation; trying is believing. To claim your Free Consultation, go to "Book App't" on the NavBar at the top!