Hypnotherapy on the NHS; possible?

Hypnosis and it's benefit to the Medical Community

In countries like the UK, Europe and the United States, hypnosis is well established and very effectively self regulated. However, they are moving towards regulation and that is how it should be. Perhaps one of the best benefits of this will be a far more open acceptance of the value of Hypnosis by the Medical Profession?

This interesting video demonstrates how it can assist Doctors help patients to create better treatment outcomes. Pre operative hypnosis is nothing new and the benefits can be enormous, e.g. we will be less tense as the surgeon makes his incision, this leads to better healing of the wound and less scar tissue. It also leads to less trauma, the body cannot tell the difference between a Dr. and a mugger. When we are cut, it matters not whether we are cut by a Dr. or a mugger; the body will respond subconsciously to the invasive intervention.

The effects of this, of course, will vary with each of us; but there is always an effect! Much, if not most, of how we respond seems to be directly linked to our psyche and general world view. If we see the world as a relatively sae place, we are less prone to experience negative emotions, e.g. as anxiety or fear. And it is this world view/mindset, that affects our response to life.