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Hypnotherapy the mindset creativity system

A Meeting of Two Minds, the Creation of Ideas!

Therapeutic intervention is as much an art form as it is a science. It is, and almost certainly will remain, a meeting of minds, a meeting where two or more people form a bond of friendship and trust because the more trust there is, the more likely the client will open up their mind and heart. What never ceases to amaze me is the way some really crucial information just suddenly surfaces after many sessions, almost if it was it was inconsequential. Of course, there is seldom,  if ever, a conspiracy to conceal vital information, it is merely, in my opinion, a case that certain memories surface, maybe to something the therapist said or perhaps didn't say. Maybe a wry expression or a stilted tone of voice; who knows? The facts are, that any number of sensory stimuli can elicit deep-seated memories. Where they came from or how they arose is not as important than the fact that they did! Both the trauma and the cure are in the story; the memories!

Like all professionals, the therapist learns on their feet, they make mistakes, to err is human! Or, upon reflection, realise there was something they could have said or perhaps given the discourse a new perspective or direction. The important thing is their arsenal of experience grows as much by experience as by study. Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons for this is the fact that each client is unique, no two people have the same DNA or fingerprints and no two people have the same life experience. Families are the perfect example of that, in any given family of three or more, there will inevitably be three or more individual personalities.

So, as a profession, we are constantly looking for new strategies or ways of working. We seek new ways to help clients discover the immense pool of resources that lay within them and this is so important; because only the client can process their psychology internally. It is without a doubt, the new way the client starts to process thoughts that set them on the path to recovery and healing. For the most part, the therapist does not administer medication and they cannot operate on their client's brain either! So, if we can neither medicate or operate; what then causes a change in their client's psychology? Perspective is the only thing that changes, history cannot change but the way we choose to see and respond to it, in our mind, very definitely can and does change.

That is why, in my opinion, hypnotherapy stands out among all other psychological interventions. It does so because, in a sense, it delves into the realm of mental fantasy. It allows us to indulge in a brief encounter of a reality we wish to experience, perhaps the nebulous feelings of being emotionally free, no longer shackled by the images of the past, the nightmares, the flashbacks from the past. Just for a moment, we get to experience a different life, a different self and that is really important. Because within those moments are the neural correlates of a different emotion, a feeling if you will, a feeling that allows us to feel better, better about yourself, about life. It's as if at that point in time, right there, in our minds, a new sense of self is born. Perhaps that feeling a Christian feels when they are reborn; their past is forgiven, their future is assured. All of a sudden a meaningless life has meaning, a life of doom and repression now has a purpose and they, at last, have hope.

So, if you want freedom from the ghosts of the past, if you want a new start, a new future, a life with a promise of hope and of dreams that turn to realities; then allow me to show you the way; the way into the most wonderful thing in creation, the mind; Your Mind!

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