How Nicotine Affects Your Brain


The simple answer is; diffusely.

The unpalatable fact of nicotine is that your brain loves it. It stimulates your brain's pleasure centres and through up-regulation of neural receptors it increases the brain's need for more; hence the addiction! Although in the end, there's no good news; smoking does seriously harm your health; but you already know that, right?

The really bad news is; it often takes a long time to do it! That means at that time of life when you're looking forward to retiring, doing what you want and when you want; smoking robs you of life!

The really good news is; if you stop early enough it's possible to heal fully yourself, wouldn't that be great? That's right, it's believed that if you stop by around 35, smoking will more likely than not, have done you no lasting harm. But what if you are past 35, maybe way past it? Well, there's still plenty to be positive about. Sure you may not be fully reverse all of the damage, but you'll definitely repair at lot; maybe even most! Now that is good news and better than that; a reason to quit as soon as possible!

Now, you may ask, how do I quit? Well, there are several methods and many of them quite good. However, I believe that using hypnotherapy to stop smoking is one of the best. The reasons why: there are usually no withdrawal symptoms, it often happens very quickly, it is mostly long-lasting, often permanent!

That said, the best way to find out more, is to book a Free Consultation, here, to see how You can stop smoking now!

For a short illustration on how Nicotine affects your brain: watch this amazing video now