Building a solid foundation for therapy

building the foundations

The Therapeutic Partnership - A Relationship Built on Trust and Integrity

It is not uncommon for a client to say, "I have never told anyone this before". To have someone reveal such a deeply held secret is both a privilege and sign of real trust. It for that reason that all Governing Bodies, and therapists, hold the confidentiality of client information inviolate, above all other things relating to therapy. This trust is both essential to ensure the Client - Therapist privilege, as well as being a necessary component of the healing that takes place.

Ultimately the real place where therapy occurs is in the minds of the Client and Therapist. Whilst it is, without a doubt, the client that does the work; the therapist, nevertheless, plays the role of a therapeutic mentor. The relationship that develops between client and therapist should be one that engenders hope and belief towards achieving the clients' goals for therapy. The free Consultation, therefore, aims to allow the client to make that therapeutic choice; fully free of any obligation! Making therapy accessible and reasonably affordable forms part of my philosophy and core values, so why not make that appointment today?

Trust is, perhaps, the most important factor in any relationship, without it there is always doubt and where doubt abounds, conflict is never far away. Perhaps the most pervasive type of conflict we could ever experience; is conflict from within! In my practice, I aim to assist clients to build their pool of inner resources and from within that; they find peace!


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