Covid-19 Therapy Online

Welcome to my emergency Covid-19 page

During the pandemic related lockdown in Singapore, I am providing Free sessions for all of my clients who have a package, no matter how many sessions you have remaining, be it 6 or 1. Once we get the all-clear from the Government and it is safe to continue live face to face sessions, we will continue where we left off. My one hope is that you keep safe, stay well and I look forward to seeing you again in real life!

For clients who wish to consider therapy, during these difficult times, I am still providing a Free Consultation, albeit online. The option to continue into therapy, following the Free Consultation, will still be available, online for now. For clients who choose to take a package, they will also qualify for my free online therapy and commence with live sessions once we can return to a more normal life.

It only remains to wish you all well, stay safe and look after yourselves. 

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My Skype account name is - Trans4mational Therapy

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