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Expanding on the unobvious reasoning behind emotional and mental issues

So. continuing on from the home page, I would like to explain what I have learned over the many years I've been a clinical hypnotherapist! The issues we have, be it anxiety, low confidence or a fear of flying, are mostly held in memories of the past, be it earlier in the day or sometimes for many years. The past itself is often instrumental in how these memories are formed and stored. Sometimes these memories are formed in our early and developing years and mostly they occur outside of our conscious awareness. For issues that have there roots in our developing years, they come in the form of childhood, juvenile memories which are first consolidated and then reconsolidated in a young, immature and developing brain and, as children, they usually work relatively well, at least contextually for a child. However, because memories evolve over time, what we term "a normal life" requires that we develop in a natural and normal way. If we do not, which is usually a consequence of something like dysfunctional parenting, trauma, physical and/or emotional abuse etc, then in later life there is the possibility of these memories resurfacing and possibly becoming distorted or corrupted. Essentially they malfunction, at least from an adult context and it is not uncommon for us to revert to childlike behaviour! This is a process that happens as we transition from childhood to adolescence and eventually into adulthood. We may have very little or any awareness of this memory misregulation and therefore will have a tendency to focus on what may appear to be an adult perspective of our understanding of these painful experiences and the oft accompanying strong emotions that come with them! In some sense, we will believe our adult perspective of this maladapted reconsolidation of the childhood memory and this prevents us from seeing the event(s) from both perspectives, i.e. first as a child and later as an adult; and that's the problem!

Hypnotherapy is a methodology that helps us to get to grips with these anomalous memories and eventually leads us towards finding the perfect solution that initiates the process of returning our lives to becoming functionally normal. All that remains now, is for you to find the right hypnotherapist for you!


In the UK, the guiding principle of my profession is: "if you can't prove it, don't say it" and even though I am no longer in the UK, I still hold myself accountable to that principle! So, to that end, I make no bold, misleading or unprovable claims. Whether it's claiming to be the "No1 Hypnotherapist" or "The leading hypnotherapy centre in Singapore," or something else of that ilk, I just believe in good old fashioned honesty and integrity! 

In that vein, I am happy to leave any comments regarding the quality and efficacy of my service to my past clients; the best judges of my service. That said, I am pleased to say that I have consistently been the top-rated Hypnotherapist in Singapore; this is according to WhatClinic; check that out here! -Trans4mational Therapy, with over 18,600 hours of clinical experience, it does what it says on the tin!