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Are you experiencing high negative stress?

If you are, then you'll be pleased to know, that stress is highly manageable! In fact, learning to develop states of positive stress (eustress) can often help improve some aspects of normal life and living! This can be a powerful way to counter the effects of psychological and environmental stress and improve both the quality and feel of life!

So,  towards creating a successful outcome for your therapy goals, I have made stress management my speciality and as a natural consequence of that, I have spent many years studying the brain and discovered the unique footprints of the human stress response. This response mechanism is mostly involuntary but we can discover avenues of opportunity that can help us to master the way we respond to distress. As a consequence, my method has been instrumental in helping clients improve the quality of their life - for more info: click here

Chronic stress reduces your ability to perform. This is partly a consequence of alterations in the brains electrochemical response. The frontal cortex and cingulate cortex give up some control and this affects the way we make decisions, clouds judgment and more importantly; over the long run, it impairs our health!

Trans4mational Therapy helps You take back control; by choosing the right course of action, at the right time, in the right way! Once we change the response; we are at the threshold of changing the outcome!

By following my programme, you will learn effective strategies and will discover psychological tools to use that allows you to measure your progress: You'll have a visual guide system, bring your value to the fore! You will also learn the value between knowledge and action! When we do things differently; different things happenYou will discover how the brain works before, during and after the stress response and the difference between the brain's processing and what we term the subconscious mind!             

Stress as a function of being human hasn't changed much over the many thousands of years of evolution; although the stressors have changed very much! The Fight or Flight response is nature’s way of initiating the powerful hormonal change that takes place when we are in stress mode! In today's modern world, stress seems to be ever more prevalent in our daily lives and it occurs for many different reasons! But often it has no outlet, sometimes we just cannot run or fight and because of this, stress becomes chronic, and has become an abnormal norm that alters the way we experience a part of life itself, and the fact is, that we were not designed to live that way?

But we can learn to manage our stress and beyond that; manage our life! When we manage our stress; life just gets better! So, for a free Consultation why not book an appointment now? Book online Click here

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* Because stress is a very natural part of life and living, it cannot be eliminated from our lives. So, we simply cannot be stress-free, in the everyday sense of the word. However, we can learn to relax and have a relaxed frame of mind. This actually allows us to enhance the way we live and experience stress in a much more holistic way, and it can increase both the longevity and quality of life itself! 

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