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If life is ticking along nicely, then thinking about seeing a therapist, is probably not even on your radar, why should it be? Well, one reason could be that therapy is not always about fixing problems or issues, sometimes it's about making a good life even better! That said, that rarely is the reason a client makes an appointment to see a therapist. So, making a good life better is most usually the phase that follows the completion of a successful therapy! Because of that, this article will focus on the main types of reasons that clients come to see me. Most of my clients come looking for a solution to a variety of conditions, things like anxiety, stress, depression or low self-esteem. But clients who come for other reasons, e.g. confidence, public speaking, phobias, smoking cessation, insomnia or relationship issues etc. anxiety or stress are usually a factor at some level. Consequentially, I always look for signs of anxiety or stress, as well as symptoms of mood fluctuations or depression. The reason for this is both logical and rational, it is because chronic anxiety or stress (fight or flight) are conditions that impair the way the brain functions. So in order to address any underlying condition, one must first do all they can to normalise the brain's functionality. This is exactly what doctors attempt to do with medication. However, they do it in the hope that if normal brain function is restored, then everything else will fall in line! Experientially, I have found that to rarely be the case, therefore, therapy aims to address the underlying issues that caused the brain's dysfunctionality!

This is often where psycho-therapeutic interventions and the medical model diverge. When working with psychological issues, the client's memory (both conscious and subconscious) of their history plays an important role in their ability to recover. However, it is not uncommon for their recollection of the past to be sketchy. Nevertheless, it's not that uncommon to have a client reel off their life story as if they were reading it from a journal. When it comes to the types of memories that develop into a life issue, many of these are formed when we are very young. And more often than not, they are stored in emotional memory systems, known as implicit (non-declarative) or procedural memories. This type of memory mostly forms outside of conscious awareness and therefore, it neither requires your attention or permission to become active. A good example of this can be seen in someone with a spider phobia (arachnophobia). Logically speaking they almost always know that a spider won't hurt them. Interestingly, even though, there are some countries where spiders will actually hurt you, yet very few of its people have a spider phobia! So, if they know this logically, rationally and analytically, then obviously, they should be able to eradicate the phobic response, right? No, is the answer and the reason is that spider phobias are part of implicit emotional memory systems. A memory system that operates outside of conscious logical processing.

Many of the issues that people face are a consequence of this type of emotional memory. Sometimes the memory can have latency and because of this, it can lay dormant for many years. The reason for this is often a consequence of the memory being stored/learned at a young age but without context. At some point in life, that old memory may get stimulated and from there it gains context and an issue develops. To give this some context, I have had many clients present with a fear of flying but flying was not the problem. It was merely an experience that triggered an emotional response, a form of classic fear conditioning. Because of this, I was able to effect a cure without even the slightest mention of anything to do with aviation!

The most effective type of therapy I provide, to bring about the resolution of the above life issues, is hypnotherapy/ That said, I have developed my own unique way of delivering hypnotherapeutic interventions, I call this style, Trans4mational Therapy! Generally speaking, hypnotherapy would be better described as Hypnosis-Therapy because it is a two-part process. One part being hypnosis and the other psychotherapy, i.e. the introduction of a psychotherapeutic intervention through the medium of hypnosis. I believe the phenomena we call hypnosis occurs when the brain is in specific brainwave states, e.g. theta and delta brainwave states. And while similar to sleep states, there are subtle differences (and you can read more about that here). During these sleep-like states, the brain consolidates and reconsolidates memory. Therefore, since all human difficulty or trauma is a consequence of some form of memory activation, emotional or otherwise, we seem powerless to intervene!. Memory or the enactment of a specific response to novel stimuli is usually based on a subconscious evaluation of a past memory. While we seemingly learn to be more adaptable, through exposure and experience, I believe this merely creates the illusion of a novel response to a novel stimulus. The reality seems to suggest that somehow our memory database, still plays some role, even if it's only a small one.

A number of people, including some hypnotherapists, seem to believe that if you merely close your eyes and think or visualise something, that you are in hypnosis. I disagree with that view and if you are interested, I go into that in much more detail in the above link.

So, to recap, therapy can be seen as any method of therapeutic intervention that brings about a change in brain function. This can be something observed personally through introspection, externally or experientially by observation, be it through self-awareness or a third party. But hypnotherapy is both quicker and just as effective, if not more so! Thus therapy creates a change in feeling, thought and behaviour. Ultimately this leads to the awareness of feelings that life is now infinitely more peaceful, pleasant and purposeful!

So, if you wish to discuss any issue you, a friend or a loved has, please take advantage of my free consultation. After all, the only thing you have to lose is the problem!

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