Anxiety is there a cure?

Anxiety, the writing is on the wall

Have you ever wondered what anxiety actually is?            

To someone who is experiencing anxiety that may seem a silly question; but it really isn't! You see if I say I am experiencing anxiety, what does that actually tell you, realistically very little! The reason for this, is because the emotion (bodily feelings) we call anxiety is a very subjective interpretation of our bodily feelings and they are quite unique to us. While it is true that the chain of events leading to the activation of our defence system (fight or flight) is fairly universal, how we interpret the experience of anxiety or fear is not at all universal. That said, I have found that clients are generally far less bothered about how they experience their anxiety, than on how to actually get rid of it!

Anxiety disorders are my speciality and coincidentally or not, they form about 90% of my Client's issues, both here in Singapore and on my Internet Therapy Service! Of course you may think that is a high percentage but let me explain. Most human conditions, that are not directly classed as an anxiety disorder, do involve anxiety. People with a major illness, divorce, retrenchment, fear of public speaking, smokers etc. all have higher levels of anxiety than normal. So the treatment of their anxiety is either primary or secondary. Reducing their anxiety first will always aid in the treatment of the real issue that brought them to therapy! If anxiety, however, is the reason they came to therapy, then the treatment of their anxiety often spills out, positively, into other areas of their lives. Either way, primary or secondary, the treating of anxiety can have a profoundly positive effect on a person's life!

Anxiety and modern life are like peaches and cream, although only in the sense that one seems to fit so nicely with the other, albeit there is nothing nice about unnecessary anxiety. Anxiety seems to affect almost every level of today's society and, historically, is usually linked to how we develop from a child into an adult. In a sense, anxiety is mostly a neurally based learned condition. It is often brought about by a sudden episodic event or traumatic experience. How it develops from there is the part related to childhood development. It is also possible for the anxiety experienced in one situation to become linked to another. This can occur when the emotion is strong and their is a causal or coincidental link that bridges the two!

Anxiety is an anticipatory form of fear, which activates the brain's defence mechanism (HPA Axis) . It is about what may happen, not what is happening! In my Anxiety programme I go into a great amount of depth as to what happens in our brain during the process we call anxiety, how it develops and, more importantly, how we can intervene; and we can! Following intervention is resolution (dare I say cure?). 

It is very important to understand why and how the unnecessary activation of the fight or flight response occurs because many clients think they're the only person on earth having this experience; and nothing could be further from the truth! Although it is not totally without truth, because the individual experience we interpret as anxiety, does make it a fairly unique experience!

In my anxiety programme I teach the dynamics of the brain and mind. The brain creates the experience we call anxiety, the mind is how we interpret that experience and we can learn to determine or change the outcome by using the mind to alter the experience within the brain; easier done than said!!

Anxiety management, using Hypnosis, allows a powerful mind transformation to take place. It allows you to be fully in control of your life? One of the most profound and beneficial side effects of being free of unwanted anxiety, is an increase in confidence and greater self-esteem!

The sooner you start to reclaim your life; the more of it you will enjoy! Why wait another day to start?

Essentially the road to anxiety management consists of 3 things:

 1)    Knowing what anxiety is!

 2)    Knowing what to do about it!

 3)    Doing it!

If you don't know, you can't do! If you know, but don't do, you are no better off than not knowing!

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