New futures are born out of old pasts, thru regression Hypnotherapy

open the door to the past

How do we explain the unexplainable?

Should we even try?

When it comes to past-life regression hypnotherapy, some people believe and others don’t. Some, who believe, have had the experience of past lives and some who don’t believe, have also had past life experience. However, they often explain it in abstract ways, a kind of De Ja Vu type experience.

So, whether you believe or not may not influence your outcome. The field of past life regression has some very compelling evidence, that suggests that it is, at least in part, a distinct possibility. There have been some case studies that have produced some verifiable facts.

Also, there have been many people with problems in this life that have been solved by finding the origin of the problem in a past life. Of course, you may say that is not proof and I agree with you. If you had a problem that troubled your life, that was healed through a vision of time (past time), would you care whether it was true or not? But, I do suspect that your curiosity would be aroused!

There are many different theories of past life regression, and mine is not unique, but I do think it is different from most.

What do I believe?

Well, I have had an experience of a past life and also had many things happen in this life that, at best, made me stop and think. Also, I have experienced messages from the other side, not directly but through a medium. If you have not had this kind of experience, this may sound a little strange. However, if you have then you will quite possibly know what I am saying.

  • I believe that our spirit is eternal and that we are spirit beings having a unique human experience.
  • That spirits are at different levels of development in this and the afterlife. The less spiritually developed you are, the greater the propensity there is towards evil, becoming civilised evolved over many millennia!
  • I believe that in some cases we choose our parents and that sometimes we are here to teach (guide) them! Hence that saying, "they've been here before!"
  • I believe that some of the people we know and meet in this life were with us in past lives. Sometimes related sometimes just good friends, spirit guides or passing acquaintances, even as enemies.
  • I believe that with each passing life we have the potential to gain more experience and become more aware of our spiritual journey. This opens us up to more spiritual vision from the past and guidance into the future; it merely depends on some of the choices we make. That's pretty much like the way our physical life pans out too. Who hasn't had a moment where you realise you made a poor choice and the circumstances of it, can literally be life-changing?
  • I believe that (at some level) our knowledge is collective and this goes some way towards explaining genius!
  • I believe that we should mourn death at a physical level and rejoice it at the spiritual level. A lot easier to say than do, yet it is possible.
  • Most importantly I believe this to be true, but if I were wrong and this is it, all there is, I would never know! This gives me hope for the future and it’s a nice way to live!

So whether you have had feelings of De Ja Vu or are just curious about the subject, I hope this has given you something to reflect upon.

Just imagine the import of choosing your parents, and, if your childhood was difficult what would that mean. After all, you chose them! The question is then; WHY? Just imagine finding the answer to that question, it could dramatically change your point of view. It could cause you to ask different questions and come up with different answers! When we come up with different answers we have an opportunity to have a different understanding!

How does it work
Well, just like any other form of Hypnosis, by using your unconscious as the medium with which you experience this phenomenon. Like all Hypnosis, some people are more susceptible than others, but most can experience past life regression at some level. Is it always true? Who knows, there is always the possibility that sometimes it’s just an overactive imagination. But, there is always the possibility that it is true!

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