The Art of Healthy Weight Management

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How Hypnosis Helps With Weight Reduction

The healthiest way for you to reduce weight is not necessarily the quickest weight reduction method. Crash diets, "instant" weight reduction plans or drastic increases in exercise are not recommended and most doctors consider these approaches to weight reduction unhelpful or even dangerous. Exercise and a healthy diet are always recommended as part of a weight reduction plan, but changes must be gradual ensuring that you find a very natural  and safe way to lose weight.

Although, without doubt, there are often psychological drivers, habits or other emotional factors lurking in the background! Hypnosis is an excellent method of discovering these hidden weight reduction wreckers. What you want conscioulsy is not always the same as what you want at a deeper level of mind; sounds illogical doesn't it? Well the subconscious or unconscious mind is just that; illogical and the best way to work with illogic, is illogically' it's quite logical really! When you discover how Mind works; you start to work with Mind and hypnosis makes that possible - it really does!

Hypnosis guides you into a mindset of effective weight management

  • Using these techniques you will develop a new self-image
  • You will learn to be relaxed about weight reduction so than the program will not be a struggle but rather a natural part of your life
  • You will develop a new and healthy attitude to weight reduction and a positive attitude to achieving your goals.
  • You will overcome any subconscious habits that may be stopping you from reducing weight.

Successful weight reduction is a much about changing subconscious habits as it is about diet and exercise making hypnosis the most natural and safe way of reducing weight. 

Why is it only 1 in 200 dieters achieve their goal?

Successful weight reduction is as much about re-educating your subconscious mind as it is about dieting. Hypnosis is one of the most natural ways to reduce weight. Research shows that only 1 out of every 200 dieters achieve their goals! The failure rate of diets and weight reduction programs is 99.5%. The Washington Post reports that "out of every 200 people who go on a diet, only ten lose all the weight they set out to lose." And of those ten, only one keeps it off for any reasonable length of time. Perhaps you are or have been a dieter. Maybe you have tried everything to reduce weight and then been faced with the most difficult thing of all, keeping it off.

If your weight reduction attempts have been unsuccessful or difficult, perhaps your subconscious mind has been "working" against you. Your thoughts and behaviours are largely controlled by your subconscious mind, in fact,  clinical research has shown that 98% of everything we do stems from this subconscious programming. This is why we so often seem to find ourselves doing the very things we try hard not to do.

Diets and many of the current weight reduction fads are not recommended by most professionals, who consider such an approach to weight reduction as dangerous. Physical exercise and sensible eating will always be part of any useful weight reduction plan, and when these are combined with a course of Hypnotherapy you can look forward to better than ever results.

Your Hypnotherapy Weight reduction Programme

Session one

In your first session you will learn to relax and enter

a hypnotic state in which you can begin to make the

changes you desire for yourself.

Positive hypnotic suggestion will be used to help you start to reframe the way you see yourself and to help you become more confident and less self conscious.

You will be given a specially designed mental exercises to do in order to create a positive reframe; see yourself how you want to be!

Session two

The first thing to do in this session, will be to find any subconscious habits that might be stopping you from losing weight. If you have any, not to worry, these can be dealt with, allowing you to move on unhampered.

Now we can really get started. You are comfortable with hypnosis and your subconscious mind is used to you finding a working state of mind in which the changes to your self image can begin to be made. So….you can commence using Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) techniques.

You will be taught to change the way your subconscious mind sees you and you will change the template it has to match your image against. This is like resetting the controls on a TV to normal, or selecting default settings on your PC, but this time you are changing the default setting to the new slimmer, fitter, more confident you.

You could think of this as making a new template into which your image of you must fit. Because this will be the image you want to reach, your subconscious mind will now strive to achieve the new image as it accepts this as the real you.

Session three

Session three will be used as a review to assess progress in using self hypnosis and NLP to alter your self image and begin to change your bad habits (the ones causing your problem).

I will use an advanced hypno-psychotherapy approach to ensure that all parts of your personality are in agreement with the way you want and desire to become both in body and in mind (don’t worry it doesn’t hurt).

If you have a secondary gain (benefit/reason to hang onto the weight) making weight loss/control more difficult, now is the time for us to find it (and remove it). Cognitive Behavioural Therapy will be used here (CBT) along with hypnosis.

You will be issued with written material to study which explains personality profiling and why it can help so much at this stage of your programme.

A CD will be given to you to listen to between this session and the next. Diligent use of this CD is required as it will focus your mind upon your goals for weight loss and give strong encouragement and support in reaching them all on time.

Session four

We will look at personality profiling and discuss how this can help you. You will link up with your dominant personality archetype and learn to ‘do things your way’. This really is powerful therapy.

Further hypnotic suggestion designed especially for you, will be given.

This completes your main sessions. You are not on your own now…you can always call for support and/or advice, and you are welcome to book in for a monthly support and confidence boosting session for as long as you need them.

**Your session plan will be designed to suite you…. but normally, session one, two, and three are at weekly intervals and session four is two weeks later. Although completely optional, many people feel that a monthly top-up session for each of the three months immediately following the main therapy sessions is very beneficial and helps in maintaining resolve and confidence.

Session five (bonus session)

This sessionis all about consolidation, it's about revisting all you have learned and made part of your new mindset and developing that into a winning attitude for Life!


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