Pain management, Hypnotherapy makes it possible

unwanted pain, is a real pain

The Purpose of Pain & How to Manage it!

Pain initially always has a purpose, its purpose is to serve as a warning signal that there is something wrong in the body - the brain's way of saying, "proceed with caution!" Once you have discovered what that reason is, simply because some pain is not always obvious, you will discover whether your particular pain is or is not a necessary one! That can be a little confusing, how can pain serve no purpose? Probably the best to explain that, is phantom limb pain. The excruciating pain in a foot that is no longer there but the nerve endings are there, it's just that they're no longer in the right place? However, there or not, the pain can still be experienced even if the foot is no longer there!

However, if you have real pain, it's important that you find out what is wrong before using any techniques or method for pain control. Someone may have had headaches for some time and relieving the pain, through hypnosis, is possible it just may not be wise! I see this in churches where they do spiritual healing, where a headache that has been there for some time is seemingly healed. It is true, the pain may disappear following a session of prayer healing but that does not always equate to healing; so, be careful what you ask for! Hypnosis can help to relieve pain but it will not necessarily cure a problem that is causing the pain and the hypnotist is unaware of?

Self-hypnosis is an efficient supplement to medical treatment. However, it is not intended to take the place of medicine. There is a significant body of professional literature which has investigated whether hypnosis can reduce pain sensitivity, which has been overwhelmingly supportive.

In the investigation of what types of pain hypnosis are effective and which types are not, most seem to indicate that hypnosis is universally successful in pain management. Hypnosis has been shown to be effective in the management of many varied types of pain, including pain associated with childbirth, angioplasty, phantom limb pain, leukaemia and even headaches and back pain. Pain control through hypnosis can be very useful for the sportsperson or athlete who has had a medical assurance that they can perform/play through the pain without additional injury.

Important note:

If you are feeling unwell in any way, you should always visit your GP or Medical Adviser in the first instance.



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