Anger management, the answer lays within you

Anger Managment through hypnosis

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Do you have an anger issue?

If you answered yes to that question, then this is the right place for you to be. I've been helping people with anger for almost 20 years. As a consequence, I have thousands of hours of experience using hypnotherapy, for Anger Management! But before you go any further, let me ask you another question; is anger really the problem or is it the symptom of the real problem?

Clients who come to see me with anger issues are sometimes surprised when I suggest that anger may not be the actual problem! That's because anger is more often a secondary emotion, i.e. the consequence of another emotion? The most common one is frustration, be it about life, people, relationships or just something you cannot overcome. These kinds of things create stress and stress needs an outlet, a way of releasing the pent up emotions and outbursts.

From a diagnostic perspective, anger really does fit the bill and the accompanying, often uncontrolled, bursts of anger can be potentially life-limiting or even life-threatening! Sometimes we lose control and out it comes and that often causes more problems and because this is often a habitual response, the cycle of anger ensues. There are, of course, many other emotions that can precede an outburst of anger, e.g. guilt, shame, disgust or fear etc. Take heart, whatever the cause, hypnotherapy can provide the solution. Of course, this doesn't mean you'll never get angry again, you will, you'll just do it in a better way, the right way!. After all, anger is a natural and sometimes useful emotion; if used wisely and under your control!

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