Ethical values and sound morals are of the utmost importance in one's everyday life and, perhaps, even more so when one is working with others who place a trust in them! Because of this, ethical practice is paramount in any therapeutic intervention. And consequently, it is the cornerstone of my clinical hypnotherapy practice. Of course, having a desire to create cognitive acuity, it is imperative that our level of congruity must align with our life's principles.  Our life's vision and mission statements have to be on the same page! In order to walk the talk; you have to be the talk! To view the Code of Ethics I am bound to click here:

My Philosophy

My philosophy was born out of my experience, when younger, I was at the mercy of everything opposed to my current mindset; "Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say!" You can choose to swim against the forces of life, nature and the universe but you will never appreciate how easy life can be until you turn around and swim with life! Do I always say what I mean and mean what I say? Of course not but it is my guiding principle and I do achieve it much more often than not and it is an ever-evolving principle and one day, not too far away, I will achieve that. But for the moment I am a work in progress; getting better one day at a time!

My Mission

I see my mission as the reaching of a predetermined set of objectives; the natural consequence of a clarity of mind and or purpose! The pursuit of understanding and appreciating the needs and wants of each client and to set in motion a course of action towards reaching that end.

To that end, I promise you, The Client, a total commitment of my time, my experience and my full care and concern for your welfare whilst in my charge. The basic tenets of my therapy and life are:

  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Honesty
  • Diligence
  • Appreciation
  • Integrity

In addition to all that I promise you, I promise myself the time to enjoy my family, my work and my life. For if I cannot deliver the pursuit of success, happiness and true love for myself, I  feel I am unqualified to do the same for you!

Very few of us are born with perfect circumstance, therefore it is our duty to pursue those attributes that define true success and happiness in life, thus, when we look back on where we started from, to where we are or end up, we can truly see and, hopefully, understand the growth and fulfilment of our ambitions, achievements and successes in the pursuit of a higher calling in our spiritual progression!