Managing Anxiety with Hypnotherapy

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Are you suffering from unmanageable anxiety? Do you feel like your life is spiralling out of control? Then it's time to take action! To give you tailored help, Hypnotherapy is now available in SIngapore and Thom Bush, a UK trained anxiety specialist, has many years experience in this field. Thom has a proven track record in helping many people overcome their anxiety disorder and get their life back in order. Thom helps you understand the causes and development of your anxiety and then provides you with practical and scientific solutions. Why not call Thom today? +65 9186 3575

Sometimes those who have an anxiety problem are the last ones to know about it. They often feel that what they are experiencing is the result of other people, e.g. if he'd stop doing that or she'd stop doing this, then I'd be fine! Usually, nothing could be further from the truth, of course it is possible that others can make life more challenging than it needs to be but that should not result in us developing an anxiety disorder.

The secret to a happy and balanced life comes from our ability to manage the ups and downs of each day as it unfolds. Of course some anxiety is normal and to be expected, especially because our emotional system's primary purpose is to help us survive. It does this by initiating the fight or flight response and once the danger (real or false) has passed, things usually return to normal. However, when our survival system malfunctions, we lose our ability to discern what is real  and what is not. Essentially it feels like there is no genuine perception of normal. Anxiety runs amok and an ever increasing descent into panic and despair usually follows. It is quite normal to then go into  a state of hyper-arousal (a highly sensitive state) and an emotional meltdown can often follow. The time to take action is now, in the present! Managing your anxiety with hypnotherapy is a tested, proven and effective way to help you regain control of your life!

To see if your are suffering from an anxiety issue, it's time to ask yourself some very important questions, is anxiety:

Affecting the quality of your life?

Preventing you from making friends?

Damaging your relationships?

Limiting or stalling career progression?

Preventing you from eating in public?

Trapping you in your own home?

Making it hard to trust others? 

If you answered yes to any or all questions, then it's time to take action; don't let Anxiety take the life you deserve and want!

It is important to know that anxiety is not always the bad guy.  In fact some of it is actually a good thing, it helps us to instinctively evaluate situations that may prove to be harmful or dangerous. But when anxiety is excessive or rampant it begins to affect the way we live our lives, probably making it harder to feel the joys of life. Chronic anxiety is a disorder of our brain and mental processes it assiduously and progressively begins to limit the quality and effectiveness of our life; instead of being protective, it becomes destructive! It prevents us from doing things that may be beneficial to us or just makes living and enjoying life difficult; if not seemingly impossible! For example, social anxiety may prevent us from meeting new friends, or the partner of our dreams. It can impair our career advancement, it can make us lonely and often sad people! General anxiety makes us fearful of most situations; even when we logically know it is not rational to feel this way. Panic disorder can literally make us feel like we are having a heart attack; that's aside from the overwhelming feeling of doom that abounds.

But it really doesn't have to be this way because we can easily discover new effective ways to understand our anxiety and then conquer it. Through cognitive restructuring we begin to self-determine our emotional states, life then becomes more meaningful. But what do I mean, determine our emotional states? The brain has several structures or regions involved in the fear or defensive mechanisms, these essentially aim to keep us safe and do so without our conscious intervention, they essentially dictate how we experience life. Amongst these brain regions are two small structures (one in each hemisphere) called the amygdala, when you experience anxiety or fear, you can guarantee the amygdalae are hard at work. However, contrary to popular belief, e.g. "I am the way I am", we can actually learn to react differently to anxiety, we can learn its signals, become aware of our thought processes and eventually take alternative steps, create better outcomes and live a better life; we really can!

How you may ask? Well, there are many ways and mine, I believe, is one of better ones. The essence of it, is the way in which it observes, understands and re-consolidates the way emotional memories express themselves. And, having been a former sufferer of debilitating anxiety I have developed a method that is easy to understand and implement. Now I am not specifically saying it is always easy to do, but it can be, what I am saying, is, that if you follow the programme, do the exercises (not physical, although I would recommend some form of physical activity) it will bring results; without a doubt. Added to this, is the work we will do in hypnosis. Hypnosis will allow you to make progress at the subconscious level; the place where your negative and anxiety provoking thoughts come from! So why not give it a try?

To learn more about my Anxiety Freedom Programme, you can call or email me (see below). Alternatively, you can make an appointment online for a free Consultation and discuss the matter in more depth. The Consultation is completely free and without obligation and you are free to choose what to do at the end of it!

Learn to be Free of unwanted Anxiety today!

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