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Stress management

Stress management is both necessary and possible! 

If you are experiencing unrelenting levels of psychological stress (probably oxidative stress too), then Thom Bush, at the Trans4mational Therapy Centre in Singapore, can very likely help you! As a fully trained and experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist and anxiety specialist, he specialises in the treatment of issues such as chronic stress, anxiety disorders, as well as mood disorders and major depressive disorder. Thom has literally helped thousands of clients live life in a more calm and relaxed way. It should be no surprise, as to the significance of this statement, because a calm and peaceful state of relaxation is the counter emotion of the stress response and involves the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest). That said, it does surprise many clients that he focuses on the importance of creating calm and peaceful states of mind! In essence, we should think more in terms of managing relaxation, than stress, because relaxation is the state we want to be more prevalent. However, understanding the many ways in which the brain and mind maladapt to non-threatening and/or unrealistic environmental stressors is an important factor in resolving the harmful effects of chronic stress. So, managing our exposure and response to stress becomes an essential element of discovering unique ways to live a better life!

Before you propose a solution, you have to understand the problem!

Some therapists work in specific ways, my approach is flexible and focuses on your needs, not my idea of your needs. Some issues have their roots in the past and a client may feel the need or want to address that. Others, have been there and didn't like it. So, I tailor your therapy, based on your needs. That said, it can be useful to understand how this condition develops in the brain and while the roots of it may be in the past, we don't have to go there to resolve the issue and the solution occurs out of my unique approach in understanding how the brain-mind develop stress and anxiety as a protective guardian!

Chronic stress is one of the most pervasive conditions of modern life, it affects your relationships, work-life, social life and, it doesn't feel good either. If you have a lot of stress and are wondering how to deal with it, then please read on!

If you have stress, go to the expert!

I specialise in treating anxiety, stress and depression and my goal is to reach out to the many thousands of people who are needlessly suffering from too much negative (chronic) stress because living a life without the burden of unnecessary and unwarranted stress is a necessity for happiness.

So, if you or someone you love is suffering from too much anxiety, stress or depression, why not make an appointment for free 1-hour consultation, no strings attached. You have absolutely nothing to lose, except your stress! 

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We as an individual, at least from a cellular perspective, are genetically identical. The DNA in each cell is exactly the same and we are merely a synthesis of our parents DNA. So what makes us different? it is all in the way the different genes express themselves and nothing influences that process more than our perception of the environment we live in. So, if you are chronically stressed, your perception of life and the environment may be a little off-kilter with the reality of it.

Stress is an inherent built-in life protection system, when activated it can make you stronger and faster (fight or flight) but it is really there to keep you safe in times of real danger or a life-threatening situation. The problem with modern-day life is that most of the threats we face aren’t really life-threatening. They may, of course, be life-changing, for example, lose your job and the bank may want their house back! In situations like that, positive stress may actually help you, it’ll certainly get your attention and, hopefully, motivate you to get another job. But if left untreated, it's as if you begin to turn against yourself. Self-sabotage, explosive anger, trembling rage, insomnia, depression, low self-esteem and self-worth, not to mention confidence, are all affected. Sounds awful, doesn't it? Well, left untreated, it really can be, hence why you need help and Trans4mational Therapy is here to do just that; help you! Why suffer in silence, when you can give Thom Bush, a clinical hypnotherapist with over 19 years and 18,600 hours of experience, a call to arrange a Free Consultation (see the bottom of the page for details or click here)

There are literally 100’s of different things about modern life that raise stress levels, all the more reason to understand what stress is and how you can learn to manage it. When you effectively manage stress, you keep it at the level of a personal assistant; you use it, not let it you use you!

If you can't live without stress, why not learn to live effectively with it?

Trans4mational Therapy's proven Stress - Management Programme is easy to follow and Hypnosis helps empower you at a deeper level toward a lasting success!

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In my practice stress, anxiety and depression are dedicated specialist treatments, I have been treating these conditions for many years and with great success; why not give me a call or book a FREE Consultation; all you've got to lose is your stress?


Trans4mational Therapy an easy and practical approach to Stress Management

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