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If you are interested in Hypnotherapy to help you resolve challenges to your life, Then Thom Bush, over at the Trans4mational Therapy Centre Singapore, may have the answer you are looking for? Thom is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and has been in private practice for over 19 years now (12 in Singapore) and has over 18,600 hours of clinical experience. During that time Thom has helped thousands of people improve the quality of their lives! He has made the treatment of disorders like anxiety, stress, and depression a speciality but he also treats many other conditions, which you can view here. And Thom's past clients' have plenty of good things to say about his hypnotherapy services, you can see what they say here. Thom was born in London, England and ran his own manufacturing business for 26 years, so he has some first-hand experience with all three of the above conditions! After selling his business, Thom trained to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist and has a Diploma Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. He also became a US Certified Hypnotist in 2006. He has been extensively studying the human brain for over 14 years now, mostly from a functional and behavioural perspective, and seamlessly weaves that knowledge into his therapeutic process. It is because of the unique way that our brain works that many of the issues we face in life emerge. And Thom uses this neurological information to your advantage in the delivery of hypnosis, bringing about a therapeutic solution to your issue! Thom calls his unique brain-based style of hypnotherapy; “Trans4mational Therapy,” and it works synchronously with the way our brain does! Over the past several years he has been honing and polishing my skills right here in Singapore. So, apart from this page, you can also find lots of articles and blogs that highlight the key findings of his research. You can see the full list of it here!

So why is my style different?

Like many other hypnotherapists, I was initially trained in the traditional way and wanted to follow along with those conventional norms but I discovered that so much of who we are and what we do, actually stands streets apart from the so-called norms! So I decided to look for a different approach and dug really deep into the inner workings of the brain and mind to discover it for myself. The reason for this search, was simply because I believed there had to be a real pathway in the brain that explained what hypnosis is and why and how it works; and I found it! This discovery is not, as most hypnotherapists say, by tapping into the subconscious mind, it is actually working at a deeper level than that and if you want to know more, you can read what I discovered here!

But what do other hypnotherapists say? Well, many say you have to find the root of the problem, which is presumably in the past, others say you can ignore the past and just focus on the future! The truth is they are both correct, some of the time; just not all of it! That’s simply because we are all different and what may work for one, may not work for the other and how you experience it, is what we discover during the free consultation! Also, how you experience hypnosis should not be limited by my beliefs or the dogma of any particular discipline or method and it is for that very reason that my approach is flexible, adaptable and eclectic (and that includes the timeframe in which therapy is delivered). Basically, if you are different, then I have to different along with you! That difference is recognised over at WhatClinic, where I have consistently been the top-rated Hypnotherapist in Singapore! Check it out here!

Trans4mational Therapy's tailored hypnotic solutions will gently guide you to a special place and I will be there to mentor you all the way. And you don't have to take my word for this, you can try out my service with a totally Free Consultaion, that means you can make an appointment, with confidence for a Free Consultation right here! So, all you have to lose, is the problem?

On the other hand, if you want to find out more about my tailored hypnotherapy service and How It Can Help You, why not visit the links below, where you can discover some useful insight and information into who I am, what I do and how I do it! And if you can't find the answer to your questions there, then please feel free to email me here or give me a call +65 9186 3575 for a truly personal service experience? 

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What, Why, When, How and Who to Choose?

The type of therapy that is right for you can be mysterious and in the end, is really about choices but how do you make the right choice, to begin with?

If you are not quite sure which therapist to choose or even if hypnotherapy is the right way for you to go anyhow, then I suggest you take a look over here? You will discover how and why emotional issues develop and how to choose the right therapist for you? My aim is to provide you with enough information to help you make the right choice!

Thom Bush, Singapore's Top Rated Clinical Hypnotherapist. You have nothing to lose; except the Problem?

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Quality Assured Practice


Ethical values and sound morals are of the utmost importance in one's everyday life and, perhaps, even more so when one is working with others who place their trust in them! It is, precisely, because of this, that ethical practice is of paramount importance in any type of therapeutic intervention. And consequently, it is the cornerstone of my clinical hypnotherapy practice here in Singapore. Of course, having a desire to create cognitive acuity, it is imperative that my level of congruity must align with my life's principles.  And because of that, my life's vision and mission statements really must be on the same page! In order to walk the talk; I have to be the talk! To that end, my life's philosophy is, "say what you mean, mean what you say!" As well as that, we must align ourselves, mentally and spiritually with our clients' needs and desires, that is the birthplace of empathy and compassion. To view the Code of Ethics I am bound to click here:


To be proficient as a therapist, being honest, empathic and kind are worthy aspirations but real-life experience and good training are also essential. For it is often from our mistakes that life is made good, after all, adversity is our teacher, life; is the classroom! Especially because it is these moments of life that help to instil both competence and professionalism. So it should be no surprise that my own life experience is what ultimately shaped the way I apply the training I have received! That much is borne out in the many testimonials I receive from past clients 

Over the many years, I have been a hypnotherapist, I have learned to discover that perhaps one of the most important qualities of a therapist is empathy; but how do you teach that? The empathy that is seemingly apparent to each client I see, was gained over many years and, for the most part, as a result of my own life's trials and tribulations. I have woven that life experience into my work ethic and empathy is now a natural fabric of my therapeutic ideology and that's a promise! To experience my therapeutic approach first hand, you are very welcome to a Free Consultation (more info on that here), you have nothing to lose; except, of course; the Problem!

Training & Qualifications

Diploma Hypno-Psychotherapy UK, Certified Hypnotist US, EFT Practitioner, Level 3, Cert' Anxiety Mang't. Cert' PLR.

Clarity of mind and thought are central to a good emotional life. It is because of that, that part of my work focuses on the quality of the language each client uses; both internal and external. The quality of one's language is defined by its proclivity, our learned habitual tendency, towards negativity, vagueness and/or wrong context. In a general sense, when language is well-formed, precise and positive, one's emotional experience of life is usually better too! The problem I see in almost every client I work with is that they use words whose meaning is vague, ambiguous or filters emotion at lower levels of the mind. If we are in a buoyant jubilant mood these words will likely have little effect. However, when we are in an anxious or fearful mindset, they feed into and can spiral our emotions in a downward way!

It was the discovery of the ways in which the everyday language we use, negatively influences our general sense of well-being and that this then goes on to affect the way we think, feel and behave. As I said above, the state of our current mood will alter the effect of this lack of clarity will have on us. And Trans4mational Therapy aims to help us resolve this subtle background, seemingly innocuous, inner self-perpetrator, of our everyday experience of life. Trans4mational Therapy is the synthesis of all of my training, therapeutic and life experience. And to discover more about that, you can have a free consultation, free of any commitment and, also, try hypnosis; if you want to! 



Patient and a Happy Husband

Thom was very patient... The session ended up to be slightly longer the intended 1hr. I had my first session on hypnotherapy and was naturally very weary of the whole process... I didn't think much of it but that night... I didn't have insomnia and slept early without any problem... The last few days my husband even commented that I'm more cheerful... I don't know if it's coincidence but it definitely had a positive effect on my life ... Thanks Thom :)