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Trans4mational Therapy is Hypnotherapy, although with a difference, it is a unique style of hypnotherapy especially designed to help you find both individual and collective solutions that will improve your daily experience of life. In this modern world, perhaps, some of the most pressing issues we face are those that are related to our everyday experience of life. Things like work or relational stress and anxiety, depression, perhaps through a perception of being emotionally overwhelmed, lacking in confidence or having low self esteem! Maybe the additional stresses of bad habits, smoking, nail biting, teeth grinding, or even phobias like, flying, spiders, water, you name; we have it

Enter Hypnosis! Hypnotherapy is both well established as an effective treatment regime for almost all life issues, it is also safe, affordable easy to learn. Once learned it becomes a method of ongoing life management. Learning self hypnosis, is like being taught to fish, your life becomes self fulfilling and self promoting; meaning you promote your own mental states of self awareness and inner well-being. Not only that, with a Free full one hour consultation; you get to try before you buy!

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Thom Bush Clinical Hypnotherapist - Providing Hypnotherapy in SIngapore and Beyond - Helping People All Over The World Find Peace of Mind!

The true value of life can be defined as its apparent quality, i.e. the awareness's of how good, content and fulfilled life feels, as we experience it in each moment of each day! How good does your life feel? How often do you even ask yourself the question? Do you even ask the question? If you do not ask yourself this question daily; why not? To find out how to do this effectively and, more importantly, what the benefits of doing so are! After all the quality of life is experiential and is determined as it happens! Anything after that is merely the memory of your awareness of life; not the experience of it!

Making your free initial appointment, to see one of Singapore's oldest and most experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist's, could not be easier; so why not make your appointment today?     Trans4mational Therapy Centre, making your therapeutic choice as  risk free as possible! 

You can find out more about my Free Consultation just by clicking on the more info button below - Thom Bush   -   "The Singapore Hypnotherapist" - You have noting to lose; except your Problem?


Reasons of Choice


Ethical values and sound morals are important in one's everyday life and, perhaps, even more so when one is working with others who place a trust in them! It is because of this that ethical practice is paramount in any kind of mind based therapy and for that reason it is an especially important cornerstone of my practice. Of course, if we wish to create cognitive acuity, the congruity underlying the founding principles of our life have to be in line with our life's vision and mission statements! 

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To be proficient in life and work, being professional and kind are both worthy aspirations. To that end, both the good and bad of life and vocational training are essential components For it is often from the mistakes that life is made good! Most specifically because it is these aspects of life that help to instil both competence and professionalism. So, naturally, it is no surprise that my own life experience is what ultimately shaped the way I apply the training I have received!

Perhaps one of the most important qualities of a therapist is empathy; but how do you teach that? The empathy that is seemingly apparent to each client I see, was gained over many years and, for the most part, was a result of my own life's trials and tribulations. As a practical hypnotherapist I have embroidered that life experience into my practice. Empathy is now a natural fabric of my therapeutic approach; that's a promise! To experience my therapeutic approach first hand, why not try my Free Consultation, you have nothing to lose; except Your Problem!

Training & Qualifications

Thom Bush - Diploma Hypno-Psychotherapy, Cert Hypnotist - Clarity of mind and thought are central to a good emotional life. It is because of that, that part of my work focuses on the quality of the language each client uses; both internal and external. The quality of one's language is defined by its proclivity, habitual tendency, towards negativity, vagueness and or wrong context. In a general sense, when language is well formed, precise and positive, one's emotional experience of life is usually better too!

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Ekul C

3 Sessions

Says: Thom listens and pays attention and catches fine details. He relates using anecdotes and stories drawn from his own life. He is calm, reassuring and empathetic. He helps me see things in a new light. Like to share a quote...“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” - Albert Einstein.

Ekul C.